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Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

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  1. We had a fantastic stay. Many different folks in our group raging from children to parents and everything in between, and everyone found what they wanted. Thanks for the feeling of home – away from home. You are wonderfull people and you’ll see us again in the future, till next time,

    Reuvin and family – C.A.

    — Reuvin and family · 24 January 2008, 17:44 · #
  2. Little Corn Island is an unspoiled paradise and Farm Peace and Love is its very essence. Paola and Bing have created the perfect tropical escape, blending natural beauty with modern comfort. The kitchenette of the suite is well-equipped and very convenient, allowing you to make your own meals, coffee, etc. at any time (with a maid to help keep it clean!). Above all, Paola and Bing are fantastic people and gracious hosts. We will certainly return!
    Tim and Tammy Wenzel
    Michigan, USA

    — Tim and Tammy Wenzel · 20 January 2008, 12:39 · #
  3. Esta super Lindo el Sitio,
    Esperamos ir algun Dia a conocer Farm Peace and Love en Esa Bellisima Isla…
    Saludos desde Colombia!

    — Alexandra y Laffi · 18 January 2008, 04:55 · #
  4. Nuestra visita en la isla de Little Corn Island – Julio 2007

    Les queremos agradecer mucho a la linda gente de Farm Peace & Love ( Paola , Bing, Neyling y Manuel ) por habernos cuidado y guiado durante esta primera visita a su isla bonita.
    Las habitaciones eran amplias, limpias y cómodas. ! Hasta con enchufe para mi cámara¡ Pero mucho mas lindo eran las pláticas con Paola y Bing, la playa, el buceo y la increíble naturaleza que nos rodeaba.
    Los vamos a extrañar a todo, especialmente a los perros Gale y Aaron ( aka Sebastián ).

    Stephanie y Monica
    Lone Beach, CA

    — Stephanie y Monica · 11 September 2007, 20:33 · #
  5. Remote and peaceful. Incredible snorkeling. Friendly people live on this island, very safe. We love that there´s no motorized transportation. The path through the jungle is how you walk to the village.

    Morrison Family – March 2007

    — Morrison · 20 March 2007, 08:42 · #
  6. Paola, thank you for a wonderful time at Farm Peace & Love. We enjoyed the privacy of the cottage, the clean beach, snorkeling and fishing with Bing, horse-back riding and, of course, your delicious meals.
    We throughly enjoyed our time on Little Corn.

    Best wishes
    Daniel & Carrie
    March 2007

    — Daniel & Carrie · 18 March 2007, 13:32 · #
  7. Farm Love and Peace is “definitely” what it says it is. We are 66 years old and have just come from spending two months there. It is the most relaxing holiday we have had, from having breakfast on our patio with beautiful surroundings and then a few steps to the most beautiful! beach, going past flowering trees and through the palm trees.
    The beach was so private and now and again some people would stroll past and always nice to talk to them.
    Garry could fly fish everyday day all along the beach ,and with a bit of a swim I could snorkel around some coral and lots of different fish to see. There was a trail going from the cabin to town that we loved and always had fun in town with the friendly Island people and then we were always happy to return to “Peace Love and farm.”
    We had all the privacy we wanted but they were still there if we needed something and every thing was so clean.
    The Restaurant had the best food and always neat to see what would be on the menu and we always enjoyed it.
    Thanks Paola and Bing for the best holiday ever and the neat surprises of bananas and such that you would leave on the porch for us ,Bing, we hope to return.

    Garry and Shirley Wray
    January and February 2007

    — Garry and Shirley Wray · 14 March 2007, 21:55 · #
  8. Dear Paola,
    We would like to thank you very much for the beautifull 14 days we spent in your cottage. You made that we felt like home, in a safe surroundings.
    The cottage was very nice and clean. It has a kitchen and a great porch with hamacas in it. We spent there a lot of very relaxing hours, just a few steps from the beach with blue water and white sand.
    In the evenings, Paola cooked real exellent dinners “ Italian Style “ and she had a good selection of italian wines.
    With Paola´s horses, we enjoyed our rides throughout the whole island. We had a lot of fun with her two dogs.
    Thanks for all.

    Andrea and Robert Buliku
    29 nov. – 15 dec. 2006

    — Andrea and Robert Buliku · 21 December 2006, 02:52 · #
  9. Farm Peace & Love made our stay in Little Corn Island carefree and comfortable.
    Paola picked us up from the water taxi and whisked us to the lovely accommodations with a wonderful open – air dining area where you can hear the waves crash as you dine on her Italian food. The islanders are friendly and the island itself is beautiful and rustic.
    Esteban, at the Padi Dive Shop, is one of the best dive masters anywhere.
    Bring your sense of adventure and you will have a great time.

    Cheryl Rodman and Elizabeth Asher
    17 – 19 November 2006

    — Cheryl Rodman and Elizabeth Asher · 20 November 2006, 05:50 · #
  10. Hola amigo Bing… recuerdas a tus parientes? los del norte Bueno pronto llegaremos a tu paraiso.. se ve muy lindo.
    saludes desde el norte del pais.

    — Deborah · 20 September 2006, 07:47 · #
  11. Dear friends-Paola and Bing.
    Thank you kindly for your wonderful hospitality. You really have created a very special place here in Farm Peace & Love. Casita Tranquilla, the cottage, has been just that – tranquilla. It has been the perfect place for us to end our 2 months of travel. The days here seem to just slide one into the next, creating a peaceful, easy rhythm, day breaks, cock’s crowing to greet the day, sun climb in the sky and shine on trees and sea, cool breeze marks the air and so begins another day. Breakfast on the porch offers great bird watching-wish I knew the names of all these colorful feathered friends, and afternoon and evenings offers shade from the heat and sky blanketed with stars. Ah, and the moon, so shine so bright and wake you while you sleep. Sweet dreams and sweet aromas wafting in the air. And then, of course, there is the sea, the blue, green, warm wonderful healing waters of Mar Caribe. Certainly the most beautiful beach on the island is right out your front door. How lucky you are, if you believe in luck. Actually, blessed is more like it. Again, thank you for sharing your little piece of Paradise with us. Paola, thank you for your patient with me, during our correspondence. And thank you Bing for all the goodies, fruit, coco root and bread-fruit, you brought us. But mostly I just want to thank you for being who you are kind, generous, bright and welcoming. It’s been a pleasure meeting you both.

    Blessings and peace,

    April 2006

    — Kendra Scarlettz · 10 August 2006, 15:27 · #
  12. I had a really wonderful time staying here. The beach is very beautiful and relaxing and we had a lot of fun riding horses and snorkeling (tons of fish). The food was awesome. The only suggestion I have is to put a small electric fun in the bedroom, because that room got a little bit stuffy.

    — Julie Shortridge · 25 June 2006, 04:34 · #
  13. Away from the heat and humidity of the main land, this idyllic beach and uaint farmhouse are the perfect place to take some sun and enioy some great italian food.

    — Matthew Cogorno · 20 June 2006, 13:26 · #
  14. Great food and a great place to relax for a few days.

    — Ehren Hill · 12 June 2006, 19:25 · #
  15. Is it possible to find paradise in paradise ? Farm Peace & Love is your own private home in Paradise!
    Snorkel with sharks, swim in the warm blue waters, lay on the white, sandy beach or enjoy a wonderful home cooked meal, you can´t find anything better than this.

    — Jason Skipton · 11 April 2006, 10:28 · #
  16. Farm Peace & Love offers an incredible beauty and serenity that can be found no where else on the island. Its private beach and clear blu waters, give you your own hidden paradise. You will also find some of the island best food with a touch of italian love.

    — Holly Triska · 30 March 2006, 03:21 · #
  17. We have been to Paola’s for lunch and dinner a few times and Paola managed to surprise us with something new and better each time. One of my favourites is her Pana Cotta (an Italian style flan) and Pecan Pie but her chocolate moose is something you just don’t want to miss.

    Elle · 10 May 2005, 07:24 · #