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Little Corn Island, Nicaragua | Farm Peace Love: Food on Farm Peace and Love

Farm Peace Love

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Food on Farm Peace and Love

Farm Peace Love Beach

Both the cottage and the guest suite have fully equipped kitchen (included Italian-style espresso machine) that allow guests to be self-sufficient.

Since Farm Peace & Love is located on the north side of the island, we want to offer our guests some independence and let them choose where they will eat each day. Both the cottage and the guest suite have fully equipped kitchen (included Italian-style espresso machine) that allow guests to be self-sufficient.

When guests arrive, they will find the kitchen fully stocked with foods for preparing breakfast (tea, coffee, milk, fresh coconut bread, organic jams and jellies produced on the farm, eggs, salt, sugar and oil). Guests will receive products that are produced on the farm, as available, but other items for cooking must be restocked from the village shops

There are several shops in the village where basic foods can be purchased (feel free to bring your own food if you have any alimentary restrictions or special needs), and there are several small restaurants where you can try the island cooking. Olive oil and coffee blend for “espresso” are not available in the island shops but can be purchased at Farm Peace & Love. For the daily shopping, our guests can take advantage of boat rides to the village, when available.

There is no restaurant at Farm Peace & Love. Occasionally, Paola will cook dinner, as a option for guests when reserved one day in advance. She prepares tasty homemade Italian food dinners, using the organic products grown on the Farm. For vegetarians, the Farm’s vegetable garden provides the ingredients for a good choice of vegetarian dishes. A selection of Italian wines is also available.

Please remember that dinner is not available every night, so guests will need to either cook meals or walk to the village where restaurants are located.

Meals Rates

Dinner costs US $20 per person (does not include beverages).

What Some Guests Said…

I often think about our stay in Little Corn at Farm Peace Love and can feel myself relax just from the thought. Thinking of the empty beaches, our walks to the tidal pool to see octopus, crab, fish, and many other creatures swimming among the rocks… the giant conch shell i carried home in my backpack is just another reminder of our little paradise… Bing singing and bringing coco bread, fruit, avocado, fresh eggs, mangoes, pineapples, coconuts and baby coconut waters… picking the most amazing basil, jungle basil, that you could smell from across the yard… the perfectly warm water… the windmill that collected our power on the sustainable farm… the horses, the dogs, chickens, iguanas, giant crabs… the trecks through the jungle while singing… Paola’s home cooking and the spinach flan… Flor de Cana… the hammocks… the peace and quiet and the memorable vacation make me relax to just think of the perfectly taken care of feeling. Hallelujah to the King of Kings… say it and relax.